What Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd

It seems there’s an ocean of businesses promising to solve your IT pains with their own (or someone else’s) silver bullet. So how do you make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot?

Here’s just some of the reasons why we’re the right choice for you:

We GUARANTEE Our Services & Solutions

That’s a straight forward, no quibble guarantee. Simply put, if we don’t meet our promises, you don’t pay!

So relax and be confident knowing that the solutions and services we provide you will:

  • Be perfectly matched to your specific needs and requirements
  • Be cost effective and provide measurable benefits to your business
  • Be backed by a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) – your guarantee of functionality and performance
  • Be scalable and, thus, able to grow with your business
  • Not tie you to a particular vendor or technology
  • Function in isolation or integrate into a larger environment
  • Require the barest minimum in maintenance
  • Be audit capable

Straight Forward Pricing With No Hidden Costs

With many tech’ companies pricing resembling mobile phone tariffs, we know how complicated it is choosing between the different services offered by a supplier let alone comparing different suppliers.

To make it easy for you:

  • Each of our Business IT Essentials have a fixed unit price. So you only pay for what you use
  • For individual projects delivered through our Services, we give you accurate estimates detailing all that’s required to reap rewards for your business.

With Iconoclast IT solutions and services, you’re always in total control of your IT costs on a monthly basis.

No Long, Restrictive Tie In’s

Should you no longer require a particular service or decide to work with another supplier, that’s no problem. We don’t tie you down with restrictive contracts or exit penalties.

And There’s More...

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We’re Not Just Another IT Reseller

We put you and your Business first, technology second. Period.

Our conviction that the sell, install and run! reseller business model is broken inspired us to create Iconoclast.IT and our Business IT Hassle Free services.

While we do partner with other hardware and software organisations, this is solely to provide you the best matched solutions to your needs and requirements. After-all, why re-invent the wheel?

However, we remain fiercely independent and fully focused on maximising the benefits our technology brings to your bottom-line.

Standards, Best Practice and Project Management Taken Seriously

Our folks have been around long enough to recognise that a rational approach to Standards and Best Practice is the only way to continuously make the most of your technology investments.

So, when you engage our services, at any level, we’ll be happy to work to your chosen methodology or provide you those documents/details we use internally as part of our own Standard Operating Procedures and Project Management.

We’re Passionate About What We Do

Although somewhat of a cliché today, we really are passionate about what we do!

While we get satisfaction from implementing successful solutions for our Clients, we get a kick when our enthusiasm is shared. To this end, we make every effort to be user-friendly and jargon-free both in our written and oral communications.

We Firmly Believe in Knowledge Sharing So You’ll Get More From Us

Given our passion and enthusiasm, it’s no surprise that knowledge sharing is core to the services we provide. What good is a solution if it’s not fully exploited?

So, apart from the knowledge transfer that’s scheduled as part of your project, we also provide detailed implementation and project specific documentation.

You’ll Enjoy Working With Us

Although totally professional in all we do, you’ll find us friendly, flexible and above all, human.

To us, building long-term, trusting relationships just makes good business sense. Therefore, we’d never make a recommendation or take a course of action that we believe is contrary to your or your Business’s best interests.

Contact Us

To discuss your business IT needs and requirements get in touch on 01325 978 448 / 01538 807 808, by email at info@iconoclast.it or simply use our Contact form.