Mission and Values Statements

Cheesy, corporate claptrap? In our case, we hope not.

We believe that clearly stating our purpose and values not only gives a solid foundation to all our solutions and services but also defines our pledge to you.

Our Mission

By delivering quality solutions and services, matched to your particular needs and requirements, our purpose is to maximise the benefits, value and return your technology provides you and your business.

We understand the value in forging close, long-term relationships with our Clients. Cultivating your trust and respect through consistently delivering results with measurable benefits, we seek to serve you as trusted advisers and further add to your bottom-line.

To supply superlative solutions, services and support requires special people. At Iconoclast IT, we regard our team members as our greatest assets.

Our Values


We’re a professional organisation, adhering and fully accountable to the guidelines, best practices, standards, regulations and laws applicable to the services we provide. As such, you’re extended the respect, sensitivity and confidentiality you expect when engaging the services of any professional practice.


Trust is fundamental to the long-term relationships we strive to cultivate with colleagues, Clients, partners, investors and all those with whom we interact. We believe that trust grows from the acknowledgement and confidence in our honesty, integrity, commitment, reliability and the value of the services we offer.


We recognise that continued success depends on the talent, skills and expertise of our team members. We therefore promote a culture that encourages creative thinking and strategic problem solving, thus fostering the development of new and/or enhanced services that benefit our Clients.


Understanding the importance and criticality of the services you entrust us to deliver, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. We’re therefore committed to Quality and Continuous Improvement.

Contact Us

To discuss your business IT needs and requirements get in touch on 01325 978 448 / 01538 807 808, by email at info@iconoclast.it or simply use our Contact form.