Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

From hard-disk crashes and virus attacks to office fires and site flooding – when disasters strike, businesses need to recover systems quickly (Disaster Recovery) whilst minimising disruption to normal operations (Business Continuity) or risk catastrophic losses.

It’s a sobering fact that most businesses who fail to plan for potential outages either don’t re-open or close a short time after suffering a major incident.

With the stakes so high, is your business prepared should the unthinkable happen?

Data Backup Is Not Enough

Of course, robust and reliable data backup is critical to any Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plan. That’s why we developed our DataSafe™ backup & recovery solution.

However, (re)building a whole sites’ machines from scratch, onto which your data is restored, takes time. Which of your systems take priority? Where are these to be situated if your site is hit? Who is responsible for taking what actions? How are current orders, customers & suppliers to be managed? The list goes on.

It’s easy to see how businesses fail when critical decisions are made on-the-fly, in the midst of a crisis.

With Iconoclast.IT you’ve got it covered.

Our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions Include:

Business Impact Analysis

Identifying the processes, people and infrastructure critical to your business operations, we work collaboratively to calculate the relative impact should disruptions occur to one or more of these components.

These results enable recovery targets to be set and indicate any additional resources required to maintain your business should a major incident occur.

Risk Assessment

The critical components identified through Business Impact Analysis are assessed in relation to the environmental, human and technical factors specific to your business. Areas of vulnerability are highlighted and prioritised according to risk.

Recommendations can then be made that mitigate or eliminate these risks to your business.

Plan Development & Implementation

Plans and supporting materials are developed that ensure the continuity and recovery of your business critical activities. These also document: the plan invocation process, incident management processes, roles & responsibilities, timescales and required resources.

To help you meet any technology recommendations & requirements, we’re also skilled & experienced in enabling technologies such as virtualisation, high availability, replication and failover.

Test, Maintain & Review

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans are just pieces of paper unless they’re exercised. That’s why we work with you to devise and test scenarios that ensure all your plans are effective and robust.

To maintain and improve your protection, especially in the light of business change, our help & Support is always at hand.

We Guarantee Our Solutions

We work hard getting IT right for your Business. So, with confidence, we GUARANTEE all our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions.

That’s risk-free, hassle-free, peace of mind from Iconoclast.IT.

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